PhD Prize

Swiss Society for Crystallography PhD prize

The Swiss Society for Crystallography establishes a prize for the best PhD thesis in crystallography.


The prize is open to:

  • Students, of any nationality, who earned a PhD title from a Swiss University
  • Students, of any nationality, who earned a PhD title from a University abroad, but carried out significant amount of work for the PhD title at a Swiss Research Institution, like EMPA, PSI or SNBL.
  • Students of Swiss nationality who earned a PhD title from any University worldwide.

The student must have earned the title no earlier than 3 years before application deadline and no later than 2 months prior to application (e.g. between March 31st 2019 and March 31st 2021 for the 2021 prize).

The subject of the thesis can be in any area of crystallography (structural biology, chemical crystallography, solid-state physics, crystallography of materials, etc.). The implications of the obtained results for crystallography should be evident.


The application for the prize should be submitted before May 31st by the student himself or by the thesis supervisor. The applicant should submit: a) a pdf copy of the thesis; b) a letter of the supervisor approving his/her candidature; c) pdf copies of the articles published from the results obtained during the thesis; d) a pdf scan of the PhD diploma; e) a short CV of the candidate. Applications for this SGK Thesis Prize are accepted only once per applicant.

The application should be sent to the secretary of the Swiss Society of Crystallography (

The award:

The winner will be selected by a commission, based on the quality of the research, the quality of the publications, and the effective contribution of the candidate to the scientific work. The commission may decide not to assign the prize if none of the candidates fit the minimal prerequisites concerning the topic, the quality of the thesis, the papers published from it and the approval of the supervisor.

The winner will be announced before the annual meeting and will be invited to give a short talk of the results of his/her thesis.

The Swiss Society of Crystallography will award the winner with a diploma and will reimburse the participation of the student to the annual meeting.

The award is endowed with CHF 2000.-.


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